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gunshots fired near the white house. the search for the gunman this morning and how secret service got involved. action, how a maryland neighborhood is being transformed into a movie set. an exclusive video of the big name stars. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's friday, november 9th, 2012. we begin this morning with gunfire steps from the white house. four men robbed five others along jefferson ace. the victims chased after the robbers in their car until shots
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were fired near la fayette square. megan mcgrath joins us live where she talked to one of the victims. >> reporter: good morning. those shots were fired on 19th street, we are told. we spoke to one of the victims. it was a wild morning, it happened around 6:00 a.m. as people were headed out to work in the heart of downtown. we are less than a block off connecticut avenue in the heart of downtown. it started with a robbery, tu turned into a shooting when a car made its way to manson place at the corner of la fayette. he and his friends walked out of his business near jefferson place, a lounge in the area. it's his business. as they walked around the sidewalk, they were approached by three men, two of them wearing masks, all of them armed with guns. >> he came behind me.
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i told the girl in the car looking behind me like do you know the guy behind you? i turned around thinking it was someone i knew or someone joking th me. i saw the gun behind my back. the reaction was i smiled then i was like the moment i turned my face, there were guys behind my guys, too, my friends. pushed and grabbed my arm, twisted his arm and ran away. i ran toward the center and 19th. >> you jumped in your friend's car? >> i was screaming guys run, run, this is no joke, run. >> reporter: the victim you heard from jumped into an acquaintances car and fled the scene. his friends were still there on the sidewalk and did not get away. he says the armed men were on them, they robbed them of cell phones, cash and other items,
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then the suspect got into a silver lincoln and sped away from the scene. after they were robbed, that group of victims jumped into a porsche cayenne. the suspects realized they were being followed, fired a shot hitting the cayenne once in the windshield. the victims in the cayenne went to the white house knowing secret service would be in the area. they drove through looking for help. police are looking for four suspects. there was three men who participated in the robbery, two wearing masks, one was not. there was one driver. again, they were said to be driving in a silver lincoln. there's a tag here. ce0424. these men are armed and dangerous. call 911. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news 4, back to you in the studio. >> thanks.
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today, firefighters continue to investigate a fire at the watergate. firefighters surrounded the complex around 2:00 this morning. from the ground, you could see flames and smoke coming from the rooftop. it was mostly contained to the balcony. minor damage to the living room of the penthouse. no one was hurt. it's not clear what started the fire. meanwhile, huge flames consumed an apartment building in washington state overnight. flames shot 20 feet into the air. there's no word on how that fire started. everyone was able to get out safely. >> new today, now that the president has been reelected, the first mission has to be addressing the crisis that will send us into a recession. the fiscal cliff that could be coming this way. the president is expected to urge congressional leaders to put their differences aside for the good of the nation.
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this is his first public reaction since being reelected as president. turning to the weather, sunny, but it's chilly. >> the good news? >> yeah. >> it's warming up. storm team 4 tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> hey, tom. >> i love that sapphire sky, gorgeous sunshine around the region now thanks to high pressure that's been pushing in since last night. clearing the sky out, here is what's been happening over the last 12 hours. a beautiful, beautiful blue sky that is going to be with us through the afternoon. tonight is clear as we get into the weekend. yes, the winds will be shifting to the south and it begins to warm us up. still a chill in the air. the areas in green are climb sboog the 50s. reagan national at 52 degrees. out of the mountains, the areas in blue are in the 40s in most
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locations. montgome montgomery, arlington, fairfax into the low to -- low 50s to upper 40 z in a few spots. down through central virginia, fredericksburg and charlottesville, upper 50s there. it looks like we are going to be near the average high for the first time in almost two weeks. that's going to be as we get into this afternoon and warmer for the weekend. details coming up in a couple minutes. we'll look at the seven day outlook, barbara and keith. >> thank you, tom. expect delays on metro. on the orange line, buses replace trains. the boston and virginia square stations will be closed. trains will single track between vienna and east falls church. same thing between grover and the red line. work starts tonight at 10:00 and will last through monday. all day on monday. >> yep. >> we're going to check on the midday traffic now. >> what's it looking like out
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there? >> hey, danella. >> speaking of metro, a crash. so far, no reported delays. as you make your trip, this is along gallows road. in that intersection, approach with caution. delays on 66. a three-mile back up. usual delays around this time. here is what nutley looks like heading to the beltway, 28 miles per hour and the drive will take 21 minutes. american legion bridge, construction continues on the outer loop. stick to the right. it's sluggish. back to you. >> see you in a few. this area is always in the spotlight, even more so today. film crews from the british broadcasting corporation shut down a road and brought a major star to the county. tony tull is live with more. is that actually a movie set behind you? >> yeah, it is. it's always exciting when we get
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major motion pictures in the area. take a live look. see the gray suv? it's actress judy dent here shooting a movie on location. it's going to open around march of next year. no word on what role this house plays in the movie, but nevertheless, it's exciting to see the pictures shot in our region. river road, it's a quiet two-lane road that comes to life for drivers heading into the rockville, bethesda region. unless you knew where to look, this police officer is the only clue a new movie is being shot here in potomac, maryland. >> i think it's cool for them to be in the area. such a beautiful area. might as well get the rest of the world to see it. >> reporter: it was a chilly morning. we got a chance to watch them shoot a scene in the drive way
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of this mansion. she was looking for a son she gave up 50 years ago. >> it's exciting. >> reporter: the filming began just after 7:30 caused quite the back up on the roads. most of the potomac residents said it's an even trade off for the recognition the town is getting. >> i'm okay with that. i saw signs up. >> it's cool to drive past and see what's going on. it makes for an interesting commute. it's a good story. >> reporter: this gentleman said he would like to see them use more consideration when planning their shoot times. >> maybe a sign. i think they should coordinate on a saturday or sunday when the road isn't so needed for everybody coming in from the west. it's making a big traffic mess. >> reporter: take another live look here in potomac, maryland.
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as they shoot the movie, it's awesome to see this. traffic is not bad. police say they can't film during rush hour, but they were. they are supposed to go until 6:00 p.m. tonight. you know how that goes. could play a problem on river road that everybody takes in there bethesda and rockville. it's quite the sight to see as they film a movie here in po toe ma' mack, maryland. >> maybe you can get a supporting role. >> reporter: i'll try. i'll get back with you on that one. new this morning, a search for five teenagers who d.c. police believe shot a man in southeast near the marylan line. he was shot after midnight. he is in critical condition. police believe all five teenagers may be armed. they found a sweatshirt with a
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gun magazine near the scene. the time is ten minutes after 11:00. >> i'm really proud of all of you. >> his softer side. a new video shows the president all choked up. the new video game that may reveal more information than the when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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this just in. a metro bus has been involved in an accident with a car at the intersection of wood burn road in maryfield. 12 people on the bus, but no injuries. no word on the condition of the people in the car. we'll continue to follow this story and bring more information as it comes into us. >> president obama's focus may be on the future. he got emotional thinking about the past and the road that got
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him here. >> you guys, blue, red -- i'm really proud of that. i'm proud of all of you and -- [ applause ] >> the president got choked up when he thanked members of his campaign staff wednesday. he feels he's come full circle since starting out as a community organizer in chicago. he told staffers and volunteers he's cold front they will do amazing things with the rest of their lives. today, this electoral college map may finally be completed. it's expected to be announced whether president obama or mitt romney won the state of florida. things look good for the president. he won by 55,000 votes. most votes from democratic leading counties. it would give president obama
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332 votes compared to romney's 206. hailing a cab could get more pricey for the inauguration. the d.c. taxi commission is looking into a surcharge for the inauguration weekend. it would encourage cabbies to work through the businessest time of the weekend. a similar surcharge was added for nationals playoffs. they will discuss it at the next meeting. the name george bush may appear on ballots, again. george p. bush filed paperwork. he's the nephew of former president, george w. bush. the youngest bush hasn't said what office he will be seeking. so, it's a family business. >> yep. >> let's talk about the weather, tom. >> gorgeous morning if you like crisp, cool, invigorating
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weather. some think it was just cold. it was. the wind was in the 20s. the wind is still a bit of an issue here on this friday as we approach noontime. by then, we are climbing up to the mid and upper 50s. right now, look at the gorgeous blue sky. the river reflecting the sky. there's reagan national airport to the right. there's a bit of a chop on the potomac. 52 at reagan national. gusts up to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. that wind will be settling down by later this afternoon. it is very dry. dew point is 32. it's skin lotion kind of weather. as we look at other temperatures, it's hitting the low 50 z. northern suburbs in the low 50s to near 50. right now, articleton and fairfax low 50s. it's low 50 z in prince george's
11:18 am
county. la play da, 49. on the bay, 50 degrees. shenandoah valley, many locations were below freezing as well as areas to the east of the central blue ridge. the mountains were into the low 20s in many places out there. now warming up with the sun that's pouring down and blue sky around the region thanks to high pressure that is over us throughout the day today. this area of high pressure from the midwest is over now much of the eastern half of the country. as it drifts off the coast, it's going to begin to give us more of a southwesterly flow. there are the remnants of the big coastal storm. it's way over georges bank, east of boston now. the high pressure with the clear skies will be with us for the afternoon as we go forward. we'll have a clear night tonight, too. not as cold as this morning, i don't think. a weak disturbance passing to
11:19 am
the north, bringing clouds in saturday, late morning and early afternoon. move to the east, clear out late afternoon and have a clear night saturday night and a beautiful day on sunday. we'll have winds shifting to the southwest on sunday afternoon. that should warm us up quite a bit. for the rest of this friday afternoon, sunny, cool, breezy. highs reaching the upper 50s to 60 degrees over the next couple hours. northwesterly winds gusting to around 20 or so. tonight, the sunsets early, 4:59. it will be clear, chilly through the evening. back to the mid-40s by midnight. a lighter wind if you plan ongoing out. only a gentle breeze. by dawn on saturday, down to near 40. this time of year 61 is the average high. for the fist time in two weeks we might get above average for a high tomorrow afternoon, maybe into the low and mid-60s. some of the clouds coming and going. sunday around 70. it's going to feel like summer
11:20 am
for a brief time, maybe an hour or two sunday afternoon. for veterans day monday, clouds, mid-60s. a front comes through. trigger showers. drying out after that. i'll be back in a few more minutes for an update. >> we'll have a touch of spring. >> going to feel great. >> should we check on traffic? >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. the accident you missed a few moments ago. southbound woodburn road. the southbound lanes are blocked. you have to follow police dex to get around that. let's talk about delays on the beltway. jammed on the inner loop because of construction roadwork. ken nil worth avenue. >> it's now 11:20. still ahead, how to avoid being
11:21 am
a crime victim. the moves everyone needs to know. >> this is not an occupy camp. why are these people choosing to sleep on the streets of los angeles? here is a look at what's
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we've recently warned women in the northern virginia area about a man groping women. it's happened at least nine times. the women were able to get away. it's important for people to know what to do in these dangerous situations. self-defense instructors from d.c. i key doe join us with advice. good morning. >> good morning. >> what comes through your mind when you hear of the recent attacks on women? >> it makes me sad. a lot of women, it's a confidence issue. they think they don't know what to do. they think it's not in their nature to defend against the attacks. i say you have to know what your options are. there are ways to get away. >> justin, what do you advise
11:25 am
women to do and people in general when you are out and about in society minding your business? >> be aware. when you are outside, walk with confidence. make sure you are looking people in the eye. when i say that, i don't mean staring them in the face, i mean see the whole person. see everyone else around. make sure you can see them. know where their hands are and feet are. >> the bottom line is, people shouldn't be doing this. >> exactly. exactly. >> so, you guys have two moves to show us. two moves that anyone can learn here on the spot, no self-defense training. monique, you are going to be attacked. justin, you are the attacker. show us move number one. >> okay. >> move number one, you are walking along the street and you get grabbed in a bear hug like this. we are going with the element of surprise. i'm going to drop my weight, even if you are small, 100
11:26 am
pounds, they are not expecting all that weight to go into their hands. it's the element of surprise. i drop my weight, find a foot and pull. anyone can do that. >> wow. that can be very effective. as soon as he's down, you run. >> exactly. >> move number two. >> we are going to go with a choke. chokes are frightening, but it's easy to go out of. his hands are around my neck, arms go up, turn. my shoulders are stronger. i raise my hand and turn. he has no way to -- say no, get out your cell phone. there are so many options now. >> they are easy to perfect moves. if you had one last sentiment to share with the public what would it be?
11:27 am
>> martial arts, self-training. our school is by the metro station. we have kids classes, they start as young as 4 years old. we have adult classes and seniors training with us that are 75 and 76 years old. come, stop by, take an introlesson. i's for everybody. >> justin, stay safe. >> stay safe, be confident. come by, if you have a chance to our dojo. >> all right. we learned a little bit today. we learned enough to keep ourselves safe. thank you for stopping by. >> the time is 11:27. coming up in the next half hour, for those wondering what is a fiscal cliff, we explain and tell you how it will affect your wallet. plus, how a video game got a group of navy s.e.a.l.s in trouble. tom kierein takes us through the weekend. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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right now, president obama is preparing to address the crisis that took us into another recession. he'll address the fiscal cliff this afternoon. the president is expected to urge congressional leaders to put their differences aside for the good of the country. this fiscal cliff that is threatening to put our country in a recession. andrea mitchell has alarming statistics about the potential crisis. >> reporter: the campaign was tough, victory a sweep. now comes the hard part. >> there's going to be a massive fiscal cliff of large spending cuts and tax increases. >> reporter: what is a fiscal cliff? it's a nightmare combination of tax hikes and spending cut that is congress and the president agreed to. so far, they haven't agreed on
11:32 am
anything. a last minute fix at the stroke of midnight new year's eve. the bush tax cuts expire. half of all married couples with two children owe $4,000 a year. for three or more, $4700. on top of that the temporary payroll tax cut expires so add on a 2% tax increase for most workers. then the automatic spending cuts in 1,000 government programs. everything but veterans benefits, social security and federal pensions. that combination would be a break on the economy, throwing it back into a recession and could cause a market crash. >> people watching very closely, can the administration tackle those issues or is there risk of more uncertainty, more gridlock and america going off that fiscal cliff.
11:33 am
>> one senator retiring says this is the crisis washington created. >> i hope people learned a lesson in the last election in what people are thirsty for. it's bipartisanship. we cannot minimize the situation we are facing. we are at a tipping point in this country. >> reporter: andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. the spending cuts could have a devastating effect on northern virginia. they could lose thousands of jobs because of defense contractors and government agencies. the governor is bracing for the worst. this year's election may be over, but one democrat is already looking ahead to become virginia's governor. he's running for governor, again. the former chairman ran in 2009.
11:34 am
he is the first democrat to enter the race. lieutenant governor and ken cuccinelli are seeking the republican nomination. the man behind a mass shooting will spend the rest of his life behind bars. those injured and family of those killed by him addressed him during the sentencing yesterday. gabrielle gifford's husband, mark kelly spoke for the form r former -- after today, after this moment, here and now, gabby and i are done thinking of you. he was asked if his message got through. >> oh, absolutely. we went up to the podium. i asked the judge if we could address him directly. we moved to the left side of the podium to look directly at him.
11:35 am
gabby's eyes were locked on his the entire time. as i read the statement, i was looking up and his expression would change. he was paying attention to what i was saying. he wasn't happy at points. i felt like during that few minutes he and gabby were having quite the staring contest. >> kelly says gifford's recovery is going well. he hopes stricter gun control comes from this tragedy. a military jet had to escort a flight to dallas after declaring an emergency. it was flying from denver international to dulles what a male passenger ignored landing instructions and started praying in the isle. the man was taken away for evaluation. there's already an effort to
11:36 am
keep a casino from being built in prince george's county. the likely sight of the casino filed a civil suit against the gor. the gaming center would compromise their quality of life. it's based on voter turnout. if not enough registered voters came to the poll to vote to meet the required majority to approve question 7. the dream act is hoping to start a national concentration. they will hold a conference call on the bat lot suckess. nondocuments immigrants can pay instate tuition if they meet certain requirements. after more than a century, the limit may be lifted on how tall d.c. buildings may be. they have called for a study
11:37 am
that looks into whether the 12-story building height should be erased. it would help accommodate a growing population. some people have concerns. >> what we want to avoid is a crystal city situation where you have these buildings and at night, they are dead. they turn into vast canyons. >> the stud di- is scheduled to be completed next fall. growing frustration in new york and new jersey after a snowstorm hit the east a week and a half after the storm, the record breaking snowstorm is adding to the power problems. 200,000 new power outages were reported. andrew coma is accusing them of being unprepared and badly operated. chris christie said it should be
11:38 am
fixed by saturdays. the new system has rationing. drivers can buy gas on alternate days argument their license plate number. we are going to go outside and check with tom on the forecast. sounds like a good one. >> are you feeling good out there? >> i am. invigorating. we have a chill in the air. most of the time, there's not much wind. once in awhile there's a gust of wind up to 20 miles per hour. you'll be glad you are wearing a carp coat. temperatures, reagan national is in the low 50s. the view from space showing a clear sky here thanks to high pressure over the region. keeping us dry through the weekend into the first part of next week. temperatures right now, the areas in green are climbing into the 50s. out of the mountain, still in
11:39 am
the 40s. here is the four day forecast. afternoon highs in the 60s. this evening, down into the 40s under a clear sky with a calm wind. tomorrow, not much wind. low to mid-60s. a few clouds. sun returns on sunday up near 70 sunday afternoon. veterans day observed on monday, mid-60s with increasing clouds ahead of a front that may give showers tuesday. that's the way it looks. barbara and keith. >> thank you. this year's case of west nile were the worst they have been in a decade. this morning, they were getting word it may have mutated into a serious form. it's affecting the brain more seriously than in the past. it controls speech and language. one scientist with the center for disease control disagree. there's no evidence the virus changed. >> we are going to check again on the midday traffic. >> danella, any changes?
11:40 am
>> still seeing delays. if you are traveling on the outer loop of the beltway to get to the american legion bridge, delays at i-270 because of the bridge work. it takes away the left lane. you are going to have to stick to the right. not jam, just sluggish in the area. head over to this time traveling the inner loop at 201, kenilworth avenue. delays at i-95, under speed at 34 miles per hour. keith, over to you. >> all right. a new video game may be too realistic for the military. the navy is punishing seven members of the s.e.a.l. 6 team. they developed the war fighter. they showed game designers some of the come pat equipment unique to their unit.
11:41 am
they received letters of reprimand and pay docked. two men robbed a recording studio after recording there. it's called "larry hoover." it happened at copy cat studio in laurel. several people in the studio at the time. they got away with victim's wallets and phones. no one was hurt. stolen textbooks. look at this sting operation at george washington university bookstore. one man placed the books on the table. another boxes them and takes them to the loading dock where they are picked up. the books were resold online. they sold 200,000 of textbooks from december 2010 to january 2011. one man will be sentenced next
11:42 am
friday, the other three in january. college basketball tips off tonight with big games for local teams. georgetown is taking part in a classic. it's a spin on a carrier classic. they take on the florida gators. the game starts at 9:00 tonight. looking for a big win. they take on the defending champs in brooklyn. tip off for that game is 8:30 this evening. >> it's not march, but we can feel march madness coming. >> 11:42. still ahead, why you might be allergic to the cell phone you can't seem to live without. why these people are sleeping
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metal allergy, consider that when you pick up your next cell phone. the most common are to nickel and cobalt. researchers tested new and old phones. a lot of flip phones have both metals. none of the androids of iphones tested positive for either. unusual photos last night because the social media website was hacked. dozens of tweeters tweeted about it. replaced with this emage that references the attack on the u.s. embassy that killed chris stevens and three others. earlier it was hacked after the sight reset some users passwords. small gains on wall street. we are going to check in with cnbc. we have more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines, too. >> hello, barbara. we have stocks in positive
11:47 am
territory rebounding. investors heard president obama's speech. the dow is up 41 points. nasdaq up 23, s&p up eight points. the dow dropping 434 points since president obama won re-election. investors have a deadline. expiring tax cuts. the president speaks at 1:00 eastern time. stocks making big moves today. groupon, the online deals company down 91 cents a share of $3. the economic problems in europe are hurting their prospect for growth. jc penny dropping $1.78 a share. on the positive side, consumer confidence is on the rise.
11:48 am
84.9 is the highest level in five years. consumers growing more confident about job pres spects and the economy. back to you. >> thanks so much. the highly anticipated newest james bond movie is in theaters as we speak. sky fall is the 23rd film in the 007 series. daniel craig is playing the british spy for a third time. "sky fall" is on track to be the most profitable. it's out overseas and brought in $300 million worldwide. part of the success, daniel craig himself. >> brought a grittiness to it. a cool factor that was missing in the '80s and '90s.
11:49 am
>> fandango is selling more tickets than the last movie. >> by the people, for the people, shall not per risch from the earth. >> another one of this year's most an tet pated movies comes ut this weekend. "lincoln" looks at the 16th president's final months in august. daniel day-lewis -- lincoln is rated pg-13. still to come, this next picture, not a movie, it's real life. 11:49 here on news 4 midday. why tommy mcfly spent hours at a beauty salon. tom kierein will be back with a i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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"twilight" fans top the mcfly report.
11:53 am
tommy mcfly is here with more. >> you can't get through it, i have pink hair. >> we need to paint freckles on your face. we're going to tell you why he has pink hair in a bit. let's start with "twilight" fan insanity. the movie opens this weekend? >> next weekend. it's amazing. >> why are so many people into that? >> people love the books and movies. everyone is in love with the thought of bella and edward and the ware wolves. this movie they get to find out if she's pregnant. she that has baby. it's insanity in l.a. >> it's tent city. folks sleeping out waiting to be the first in the movie theater. it's that big of a deal. >> it's unbelievable. if they read the book, they know what happens. >> what happens? >> i can't tell you that, barbara. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about the stars.
11:54 am
>> taylor lautner was on the "today" show this morning. we need more photos of him wearing a shirt. he doesn't wear one enough. he makes other guys look bad. >> fans are all right starting to camp out. their support is amazing. we can't wait to get out there and see them. >> i haven't seen the film. >> have you read the books? >> i have not. >> you can't tell me how it is. >> kelly is all about it. i respect the phenomena and craziness of "twilight." the james bond movie. >> i got to see an advanced reading of "sky fall." it's fantastic. >> the best so fall in. >> the best so far. it's darker. the movie is edge of your seat. the villain is so good.
11:55 am
daniel craig is incredible. so good. the entire thing. spectacular. >> let's talk about your hair. >> yes. >> i know you did this for a good cause. >> i did. we put on the air, 94.7 pink hair challenge. if we raise 20 grand, i said i would die my hair pink. this is me yesterday. thomas did all the color. he's fantastic. they have to go through and bleach your hair. that's my hair. >> that's not shampoo? >> that's my hair. i look like the rapper eminem. they put the pink on and bake it on. >> after all that work, you have to leave it there. >> i have so much respect for ladies who go out and get their hair done. >> thanks for doing that for all the woman. >> of course. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, barbara. let's take a look at the
11:56 am
stories we are following this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us with a preview. hey, pat. >> coming up this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00, sneezing, sniffling, watery eyes. brace yourself, we'll tell you where experts expect pollen counts to double. another weather predictor may be much closer to home. also coming up this afternoon, what was behind scaring wendy rieger during a one-on-one with ellen degeneres. keith? >> see you then. >> we have breaking news. d.c. police wrapped a press conference on the robbery shooting that ended near the white house. four men robbed five others along jefferson place. the victims then chased after the robbers until shots were fired. we will continue to follow this
11:57 am
story and have more coming up at news 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. time for a final check of the weather, with tom kierein. >> high pressure over the region giving us a beautiful afternoon with temperatures getting up to near the average high, which is 61 this time of year. reagan national, 65. it may climb five degrees the next couple hours. storm team 4 four-day forecast. the wind will diminish. we had gusts 20 to 25. they will diminish during the afternoon. go calm tonight. near 40 tomorrow morning. saturday, sun in the morning. a few clouds midday and during the afternoon, highs reaching the low 60s to mid-60s. for the first time in almost two weeks, we'll get warmer than average temperatures over the weekend. sunday may be up near 70 for a brief time, for an hour or so by early to mid afternoon. lots of sunshine.
11:58 am
a delightful day. great weather for tonight's baseball games and college and high school games on saturday. outdoor recreational activities outside. veterans day observed monday. 60s, might get showers tuesday. have a great weekend. >> you, too, tom. >> that's news 4 midday. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 later today for all the days news. >> we'll be back monday morning. join us at 11:00 a.m. for news 4 midday. we hope you'll be with us. have a great day and a terrific [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey.
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that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin

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